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ADC-4000 Antenna De-Icing Control System

Introducing the new ADC-4000 Antenna De-Icing Control System's DS-18 Local Monitor/Control Board

Most Up to Date and Cost-Effective Antenna De-Ice Control System in the Industry

  • Automatic De-Icing - lower your operational costs / overhead
  • Rain & Snow Detection
  • Manage heaters, blowers, rain diverters to ensure ice-free operation without on-site personal assistance
  • Temperature monitoring on/at antenna
  • Main Reflector Temperature Balance Control
  • System includes DP-10 (1RU Indoor Unit), DS-18 module enclosed in outdoor Power Distribution Panel (PDP), temperature and moisture probes.
  • Temperature Span settings to ensure uniform heat distribution & distortion-free reflectorl

Advantages of ADC-4000: The Latest Generation System:

  • New way to actively control heat within antenna de-icing enclosure
  • Improved control of antenna surface temperature
  • Digital Display – Set Triggers, Temperature Span, Monitor Operating Temperature in sections of Antenna
  • DP-10 are EMF/RFI rated
  • Interface with external M&C systems via RS-323, 4-Wire RS-485, IP Ethernet/Fiber a
  • DP-10 are EMF/RFI rated

DS-18 Local Control Unit

DS-18 Local Control Unit located inside the Power Distribution Panel Enclosure The Walton De-ice ADC- 4000 Antenna De-icing Control System is the same as the ADC- 2000 except it can handle 1-6 heaters and has the capability to monitor and control temperatures within the plenum as well as heater over temperature and propane fuel consumption monitoring. The ADC- 4000 consists of a rack mounted Remote Control/Status Unit (DP-10) that communicates with the Local Control (DS-18)/Power Distribution Panel located on or near the antenna base. These Local and Remote Units work in unison to provide the most up to date and cost effective Antenna De-ice Control System in the industry. This system can also serve as the Rain Diversion Controller if the antenna is fitted with a Rain Blower.

When coupled with the Walton Hot Air De-icing System, the ADC- 4000 Automatic De-ice Control System is designed to maintain ice free conditions on the Reflector, Feed Horn and Sub-reflector without assistance from site personnel. The logical and straight forward controls and indicators provide simple yet versatile operation.

DS-18 Local Control Unit located inside the Power Distribution Panel Enclosure

The DS-18 Local Control Unit is located inside the Power Distribution Panel Enclosure, which is mounted on or near the antenna base. Together they provide rain and snow detection, basic temperature monitoring functions and switching power for the heaters. At the Local Control Unit Power Distribution Panel, the operator will have access to three LED indicators. The PRECIP LED indicator will illuminate when the sensor is indicating moisture. The COLD LED indicator will illuminate when the Thermistor is detecting the air temperature is below the trigger point. The Run LED indicator will blink indicating the DS-18 local controller is operating properly. The Operator will also have access to the System Bypass Switch for emergency operation and the Thermostat Bypass Switch for testing when temperatures are above the Trigger Temp setting.

The Local Control Unit (DS-18) communicates with the Rack Mounted Remote Control/Status Panel (DP-10) via a dedicated 4-wire RS-422 serial link, along with a summary alarm relay contact. The interfacing cable will be a 22/8 conductor cable with an overall shield.

  • Key Features
    • Automatic Activation Lowers De-icing Operational Costs
    • Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
  • Temperature Balance Control
      • Set Point – 50°F-80°F (10°C-27°C) – Top Plenum Operating Temperature
      • Span – 4°F-26°F (2°C-15°C) – Allowed Quadrant Temperature Difference
  • Adjustable Temp. Trigger Point and Delay Off Cycle
      • Trigger Temp – 34°F-44°F (1°C-7°C) Snow/Rain Distinction Point
      • Delay Off- 30-90 Mins – De-Ice Drying Cycle Time
  • Heater Operating Point Control
  • Replaceable Precipitation Sensor
  • Rain Blower and De-ice Control System.
  • Selectable Low Temperature Cutoff
  • Monitors each Heater for “Blower On”, “Call for Heat”, “Heater Failure” and “Over Temp”
  • Monitors Feed Horn Heater/ Blower and Sub-reflector Heater/Blower for Feed Heater On, Sub Heater On.
  • Remote Rack Mounted Unit can communicate with the Customer’s M&C system via a RS-232 or addressed 4 wire RS-485 “Party Line”. It is also IP Addressable through a separate optional port.
  • Propane Fuel consumption monitoring capabilities.

DP-10 Remote Control/Status Unit

Most Up to Date and Cost-Effective Antenna De-Ice Control System in the Industry
From the Remote Control/Status Panel (DP-10) the operator is able to select between Automatic Operation, De-ice Manual On and Rain Blower Manual On. The operator has the ability to monitor via a digital display, temperatures of the four quadrants within the main reflector enclosure (plenum) as well as the ambient temperature at the reflector

When in the automatic mode, the Rain Blower (if supplied) will activate when the precipitation sensor detects moisture but the Temperature is above the trigger point.

The De-icing System will activate when the precipitation sensor detects moisture, and the temperature falls below the adjustable (34o F to 44o F) temperature trigger point. When the De-ice Manual On is selected, the system is activated, just as if the precipitation sensor indicated moisture, and the temperature was below the trigger point. When the Rain Blower Manual On is selected the Rain Blower (if supplied) will be activated.

The Remote Panel is equipped with System status LED indicators for Antenna Wet, Antenna Icy, De-ice On, Feed Heat On, Sub Heat On, Rain Blower On and Circulation Fans On. A LCD display indicates the temperature of each quadrant within the plenum as well as ambient temperature at the reflector. The LCD display also indicates the Trigger temp, Delay Off, Set Point and Span.

Additionally, the Remote Panel has LED status indicators for up to 6 heaters. These LED indicators show, “Blower On”, “Call For Heat”, “Heater On”, “Heater Failure” and “Over Temp”.

LED indicators showing 50% and 20% Propane Fuel consumption are also located on the Remote Control/Status Panel (DP-10).

All of this status is available to the customers M&C system via Ethernet, RS-232, or an addressed 4 wire RS-485 “party Line M & C interface.
The ports for these interface are located on the Rack Mounted (DP-10) Remote Control/Status Unit.