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Available Field Services

Support Contacts:

Physical Address, Corporate Offices: 575 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, CA. 92507 USA
Phone: 1 (951) 683-0930 | Fax: 1 (951) 684-5019
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1328, Riverside, CA. 92502 USA
Snow Shield Contact:

W. B. Walton Enterprises, Inc. installs and maintains what we sell. Who better to install or maintain a Walton System than our highly trained Field Technician. Our Field Technicians are familiar with our equipment as they work with it constantly.

We offer a wide variety of field services for De-icing systems, so call today for a price quote on installing, or maintaining your Walton De-ice System (s).

Available Field Services

  • Turnkey Installation Services for Snow Shields or Hot Air De-icing Systems.
  • Updating Existing Walton De-Icing Systems
  • Working Installation Supervisors.
  • Removal of old systems either hot air or pad type.
  • Worldwide installation and maintenance services available.