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Portable Radome

Coming Soon: World's First Portable Radome with De-Icing

For Earth Station and VSAT Antennas | Coms-on-the-Pause (COTM)

Customers told us they needed a solution to keep antennas operating in extreme and harsh environments like ice, rain and sandstorms. Traditional antenna radomes are not built for transportable operation, yet many of today's military, first-responder, and oil & gas applications on land can require deployable systems where harsh elements demand radome-like protection.

  • Walton De-Ice's newPortable Radomeis being designed to protect satellite terminals up to 3 meters in diameter for applications such as transportable, coms on-the-pause (COTP), first responder, vehicular and similar VSAT and smaller earth station sites. Walton's solution design is also resistance to high winds. It would also support permanent installations and SNGs, and LEO/MEO gateway terminals.
  • The rapid set-up Walton Portable Radome design opens up new possibilities for operations in extreme environments, plus significant cost-savings compared to traditional antenna radomes.

Satellite Frequency bands:

  • C-Band
  • Ku-Band
  • X-Band
  • Ka-Band

Walton's Portable Radome for Ku-Band or Ka-Band will use the same kind of field-proven virtually RF transparent and hydrophobic Architectural Fabric cover materials used in Walton's Snow Shield antenna covers, which are deployed in satellite antenna de-icing weather protection systems around the world.

Outstanding Wind Survival

Walton's Portable Radome unit for Ku-Band or Ka-Band antennas up to 2m is being designed to support operation during 70 mph (112 kph) winds, and 85 mph (136 kph) survival conditions.

Labor-Savings | Automated De-Icing | No More Manual Snow Removal

With the Walton Portable Radome, the days of manual snow removal are gone! Conventional radomes cannot be de-iced by heat transfer through the radome's material. To solve this problem, manufacturers offer a "Snow Rope" option that allows workers to manually remove the snow from a conventional radome. Not with Walton's solution.

A distinct advantage with Walton's solution is that it can be kept ice-free automatically using Walton De-Icing systems. The heat easily transfers through the Portable Radome to keep the Radome free of any ice or snow, with no strings (or snow ropes) attached.

In very hot climates, the Radome and air it surrounds could be cooled using a forced air/HVAC system to protect equipment temperatures underneath the Radome and prevent damage.

Just add a Walton Ice Quake/Rain Quakesystem to our Portable Radome to eliminate water sheeting that other radomes experience, and shed off snow or ice.

Industry's Most Energy-Efficient De-Icing Solution

Walton's 10x8 Portable Radome would only require 45 Watts of power to keep water, ice or snow from accumulating when combined with an Ice Quake. As another option, for more powerful de-icing needs, ask about our electric or gas heater options for your application.

Installation Costs Minimized

Depending on the antenna size, The Walton De-Ice system could also be installed with less shipping cost and labor expense, in just hours where a comparable size conventional radome takes a day or two with a crane.

Cost Advantages

The Portable Radome designs enable significantly lower cost-of-acquisition than conventional radomes. With its promise of cost-savings and survivability, the Walton Portable Radomemay soon become an essential element of the kit that ground segment designers and integrators need to consider for military, first-responder, and similar deployable satellite networks that need to work in extreme environments on land. LEO/MEO ground networks with polar region gateway requirements can also leverage the Portable Radome for its advantages in labor-savings, and cost.

Assembly Parts

A 10'x 8' Portable Radome model is expected to weigh under 200 pounds. It is designed so that two persons can assemble or dismantle it in less than an hour with just a pair of channel locks and an allen wrench.


Walton's Portable Radome will be offered for civil or military applications offered as follows:

  • White for Ka-Band (PTFE Architectural Fabric)
  • Khaki or Green for Ku-Band and C-Band (Kynar Architectural Fabric)