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News: The Simple Fact about De-Icing Systems for VSAT's and medium to large Earth Station Antennas

November 21, 2013 - Walton Hot-Air De-Icing Systems, along with our Snow Shield, Passive and Heated and Ice Quake Systems are not only designed, manufactured and supplied for the major antenna manufacturer's products, our products are the only De-Icing systems sold and installed by the major antenna manufacturers such as ASC Signal, GD Satcom, ViaSat, and others. So while our competitors are talking about "De-Ice", we are leading the way with our partnerships with the major antenna manufacturers in the technology of "De-Icing" both VSAT's and Satellite Earth Station Antennas.

Here's Why

The " Electric Pad De-Icing System" that was used by the major antenna manufacturer's
during the C-band era was all but obsolete when the advent of Ku-band antennas came
along in the early 80's. The pad technology would only heat the antenna reflector and not the reflector's back structure, causing movement in the alignment of the reflective surface causing attenuation in the signal and a loss of gain. This loss in performance was not acceptable for the antenna manufacturers or their customers, thus the Hot-Air De-Icing System became the accepted solution for evenly heating both the antenna reflector and reflector's back structure. The end users also enjoyed the aesthetically pleasing looks of the plenum (close-out) rather then thin aluminum foil, foam and wires hanging off of the back of their antenna.

Why Walton Hot-Air

The Hot-Air De-Icing System is playing even a more important role today with the advancements being made with Ka-band antennas where the alignment of the reflector and back structure is more important then ever. Why install a De-Icing System which the major antenna manufacturers would not even sell to you due to degrading effects on signal performance?

Visit our product pages to learn why Walton De-Icing solutions are the only systems on the market that antenna manufacturers rely on to meet their performance requirements.

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